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Top news stories of this week: (10/11-10/17)

Here are the top stories from domestic news, world news, good news, and science and tech.

It's all summarized so you can stay informed and save time!

All sources are at the end of the post.

Boeing workers stage protest near Seattle over U.S. vaccine mandate:

· Waving signs like “coercion is not consent,” and “stop the mandate,” some 200 Boeing Co employees and others staged a protest on Friday over the planemaker’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement for U.S. workers. Boeing said on Tuesday it will require its 125,000 U.S. employees to be vaccinated by Dec. 8 under an executive order issued by President Joe Biden for federal contractors. Many of the protestors say that they can keep themselves safe and believe the mandate is a violation of their rights. Major U.S. airlines including American Airlines have said they will also meet the deadline imposed on federal contractors, as has aircraft parts manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems. Boeing’s mandate will not be immediately imposed in Texas where Republican Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order on Monday barring COVID-19 vaccine mandates by any entity, including private employers.

Afghanistan mosque bombing leaves at least 33 dead, 73 wounded:

· A large explosion tore through a Shi’ite mosque in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar during Friday prayers, killing at least 33 people and wounding 73, but the final total could be higher. A local reporter in Kandahar said that eyewitnesses had described three suicide attackers, one of whom blew himself up at the entrance to the mosque with the two others detonating their devices inside the building. The blast took place just days after an attack claimed by Islamic State militants, which killed scores of Shi’ite worshippers at a mosque in the northern city of Kunduz. The blast, coming so soon after the Kunduz attack, has underlined the increasingly uncertain security in Afghanistan as the Taliban grapple with an escalating economic and humanitarian crisis that threatens millions with hunger.

Dementia Sufferer Defies Diagnosis to conduct symphony ochestra at age 81:

· A dementia-suffering pianist whose spontaneous composition went viral last year has fulfilled a lifelong dream of conducting a symphony orchestra—which played his own songs. 81-year-old Paul Harvey became well-known last September after his son Nick had recorded him improvising a two-minute piece from four notes—F natural, A, D, and B natural—and posted the footage on Twitter. Nick posted the clip online to show how musical ability can survive memory loss, and Paul captured the hearts of the British nation when he played the piano from his home in Sussex live on the television. It was recorded by the BBC Philharmonic orchestra as a single, with proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Society and Music for Dementia, which campaigns for people with the condition to have free access to music as part of their care.

China’s lunar rock samples show lava flowed on the moon 2 billion years ago:

A capsule containing moon rocks (shown) collected by China’s Chang’e-5 mission landed back on Earth in December 2020.

· China’s lunar rock samples show lava flowed on the moon 2 billion years ago. Lava oozed across the moon’s surface just 2 billion years ago, bits of lunar rocks retrieved by China’s Chang’e-5 mission reveal. A chemical analysis of the volcanic rocks confirms that the moon remained volcanically active far longer than its size would suggest possible, researchers report online October 7 in Science. This was considered an anomaly since scientists thought that the moon started cooling off around 3 billion years ago, eventually becoming the quiet, inactive neighbor it is today. Tests were done to determine if the cause could have been radioactive elements, but the samples did not indicate that this was the case. Some theories suggest that an asteroid may have hit the moon or that Earth’s gravitational force could have liquified the interior of the planetary body.


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