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Foreign Fact Friday: Ethiopia and 'Yilugnta'

Fact: Ethiopians are culturally kind and considerate due to an idea called Yiglutna

Ethiopians are often viewed as selfless, mild-mannered, and modest. This is largely attributed to ‘yilugnta’. While this does not have a direct translation, it generally describes having an awareness of how one’s actions affect others. This can be viewed through the strong community focus that permeates Ethiopian culture which leads it to have an emphasis on personal representation.

The social bonds this helps create can be seen in local communities coordinating to support those among them who are most in need. This kindness, however, can often exclude those who are not similarly helpful as they are not viewed as meaningful members of society. The practice likely stems from Christian teachings as it has been the country’s dominant religion since its adoption in 333 AD.


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